Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kiva Rose - Free Webinar

This morning, I received the following note from the fine folks at LearningHerbs.com  The last webinar with Rosemary Gladstar was excellent, so I'm excited to participate again! ~~


If there is a type of herbalism that defines LearningHerbs, it's "Folk, Grassroots Herbalism."

I asked my good friend Kiva Rose if she wouldn't mind doing a free, live class for y'all on the topic.

She came up with this...

Root to Fruit: Folk Herbalism from the Ground Up

In this webinar class Kiva Rose covers...
  • 8 Steps to a Balanced Approach
  • Growing Your Materia Medica
  •  6 tips for deepening your alliance with herbs
  • Introduces you to one of her favorite herbs (and it's not at all one you'd expect)
  • Gives you two great recipes, including one of her signature elixirs
Kiva even made you a PDF with notes and recipes.

Want to take part in this free, live webinar event?
Just go here...


John from LearningHerbs
You're going to love this.
Kiva is awesome. (and hey, it's free) :)

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