Tuesday, August 21, 2012

[South Shore Events] CommuniTEA & Open House Sat. at Blockhouse School

Join us at The Blockhouse School on Saturday Aug. 25
for our
CommuniTEA & Open House
from 11 am - 4 pm

Free - Everyone welcome.

Drop by for a visit, a chat or spend the afternoon.

Join the conversation about Food Hubs, Community Kitchens and Machinery Hubs.

Opening of our Artisan Showcase.

Learn ways to preserve the harvest & grow greens for pennies a day.

See our Spiral Herb Garden. Ask about our Food Forest & other Permaculture Plans.

Plant walk (11 am and 2 pm) with Herbalist Jeanette Poirier.

Sample our unique herbal Blockhouse Tea Blend.

Bring a picnic, blanket, sun hats, spare mugs.

Children welcome. We'll have Frisbees, bubbles and sidewalk chalk!

In conjunction with Bridgewater Growing Green Festival.

See our website: http://www.TheBlockhouseSchool.org.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Apiaceae's Powerful Parsley

Parsley Sauce
I really love attending classes by Savayda Jarone of Mayflower Herbs. She inspires us with experiential learning and fun homework assignments! She is also running a fabulous year-long herb course!!!

This month, we are studying the Apiaceae (Umbellifereae or Carrot) family of plants and our homework is to try to incorporate plants from this family in our diet every day (e.g. carrots, parsely, dill, fennel, anise, cilantro, etc.)

One example Savayda brought to our class was this fabulous green sauce packed with so much healthy goodness from the Apiaceae family!  Yesterday, I picked up a bunch of organic parsley with the intention of trying to create something similar to hers.  Last night, I set up the blender and gave it a go while the parsley was super fresh!  I'm pretty pleased with the results (recipe below) and I'm stoked to have another way to incorporate leafy greens into my diet!

Today, I mixed some lovely dill into my parsley sauce and spread it on a fresh salmon fillet.... OMG YUMMMMM!!!  Check it out!! :)

Parsley Sauce mixed with dill over salmon.
Served with light and dark quinoa and sliced tomatoes!
Apiaceae Sauce Recipe
  1 robust bunch of an Apiaceae chopped (e.g. organic parsley)
1/2 cup dijon mustard
  2 healthy cloves garlic
3-4 Tbsp lemon juice (or less if using cider vinegar)
2-3 Tbsp olive oil (or a bit more if desired)
  2 tsp honey (or to your taste)
Whiz in blender until finely ground sauce forms.

I had to stop the blender to squish the parsley down a few times to get it going at first.  If it still won't blend for you, add more of the wet ingredients to give the blender something to work with.

Using parsley for this sauce provides a nice neutral base to work with.  Add dill, cilantro or any other flavoured spice or herb to complement your meal.  Try this sauce stirred into your veggies, drizzled over steamed potatoes, or mixed into your rice.  It's super versatile and soooo tasty!

Please drop by and leave a comment or a link to your blog if you give this a try!  I'd love to hear about your results!

Bon appetit!
Val :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Free Webinars and Other Educational Opportunites from Steven Horne

Register for the following free webinars and enhance
your knowledge of herbs and natural healing with Steven
Horne and The School of Modern Herbal Medicine.

Advanced Herbal Training (Free Preview)
Herbs for the Structural System  
Free webinar with Steven Horne and Thomas Easley  
Tuesday, Aug 14, 2012, 8:30 PM ET, 7:30 CT, 6:30 MT, 5:30 PT
People get injured all the time and modern medicine does wonders 
with treating trauma. Doctors can set broken bones, stitch up
lacerations and even do reconstructive surgery.  What they can't 
do is cause the tissues to actually heal. That's something the body 
has to do, but it has to have the materials it needs to do it.  

That's where natural healing can help. We can speed the healing 
process in injuries, while easing pain and preventing or minimizing 
scarring by using the right herbs and nutrients. 

In this free introduction to Herbs for the Structural System, Module 
Eight of our Advanced Herbal Training program, Steven Horne 
and Thomas Easley will discuss herbs, nutrients and other natural 
approaches to speeding the healing of tissues after injuries.

Register at: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/636721394

A Holistic Approach to Blood Chemistry
Free Webinar with Kimberly Balas, ND
Monday, Aug 27, 2012, 8:30 PM ET, 7:30 CT, 6:30 MT, 5:30 PT

Blood work is an incredibly valuable tool for assessing people's
health, but there is a lot more that can be learned from standard lab work
than even doctors are aware.  For example, when understood
properly, the blood reflects the quality of one’s nutritional choices,
the function of glands and organs, and how they relate to each other,
and the body’s response to physical, chemical and even emotional stress.

There are a lot of diet programs and nutritional advice out there,
but how can a person know what is going to be best for them?
The answers can be found by looking at the blood chemistry,
which gives us the information to really understand what is
going on in the body and what the body needs to balance itself
and create healing.

Register for this webinar and learn from Kimberly Balas, ND
how looking at the blood from a physiological, rather than a pathological,
viewpoint can guide a person to the right diet, supplements and
other natural healing tools they need.
To register for this free webinar, go to:

Tree of Light's Associate Program Webinars

Tree of Light has an Associate program which includes two monthly 
webinars. The first webinar, the Sunshine Sharing hour, is about a monthly 
health theme and the second, The Holistic Perspective, discusses healing
in a broader sense, including emotional healing, personal and business

Associates can not only download handouts for each webinar from the
member area.  They can also download the PowerPoint presentations
to modify and use in teaching their own classes. Our member area includes
an extensive archive of previous webinar recordings and handouts, too. 
This is a great resource if you are building an herbal consulting business 
or teaching people about natural healing.

In addition to the two webinars and access to the member archives, 
members obtain discounts on all Tree of Light courses, books and other
materials. Learn more about becoming an associate.

Here are the upcoming webinars for Tree of Light's Associate program:

Aug 9: The Holistic Perspective: Rewriting Your Story
Learn about the importance that stories play in our lives and especially
the stories we tell ourselves about our own life.  We'll teach you how 
to rewrite and re-interpret stories by looking beneath the story
to the unresolved trauma the story may be expressing. Help yourself 
(and others) by learning to rewrite stories to create a happier "ending."

Aug 21: The Sunshine Sharing Hour: SuperFoods
SuperFoods are nutritionally-dense foods that provide the body with 
extra nutrition in a whole food, and often low-calorie, form. Examples 
of superfoods include: Various berries, dark green vegetables, raw nuts, 
wild caught fish, cruciferous vegetables, squashes, beans, quinoa, 
sweet potatoes, fermented dairy foods, onions, garlic and dark chocolate. 
We'll talk about the value of these SuperFoods and about how we can use
SuperFoods and whole food supplements increase energy, reduce the risk 
of chronic illness, promote weight loss and help the body heal from 
numerous chronic ailments. 

Sept 4: The Holistic Perspective: Making a Habit of Health
We'll be discussing NSP's new Habit of Health program (which will
be introduced at Leader's Conference) and how to use it as a legitimate
tool to train people how to get started in helping others improve their

Cost for the program is just $19.95 per month.  Start or stop at any time.
Visit treelite.com for more information or call 800-416-2887 to enroll.

Kether-One, Inc. dba The School of Modern Herbal Medicine
P.O. Box 911239, St. George, UT 84791

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Listen to previously recorded David Winston Herbal Salons

David Winston Herbal "Salon" Recordings for Store & Practitioner Customers                    

David Winston's New Educational Herb Discussion Series has been warmly welcomed by our customers. The Webcast format allows participants to post questions for David as he is speaking about the topic. Participants found it helpful to have David give an overview on the topic while explaining in detail why certain herbs are included in each formula. Just a sampling of evaluation comments on the Salons:  
  • Please continue to do in future
  • Please offer more of these kinds of presentations!!! Thank you!
  • David has so much knowledge and very helpful to understand his formulas.
  • Please make more, very helpful to use H&A products/compound pre-made formulas more confidently
  • Thanks David!
  • It is very helpful for my practice.
  • Keep them coming!  
  • Thanks so much for taking the time to educate us.
  • Thanks David, lots of great information
  • Always helpful to have a detailed discussion on your formulas.  
Thank you! We appreciate the support of our dedicated customers and are pleased to help you be more successful by offering links to previously recorded "Herbal Salons" and our upcoming schedule.   
The 2012 David Winston Herbal Salon upcoming schedule:
September 5   Men's Health
October 3        Adrenal Support/Energy
November 7    Immune
December 5    Emotional/Nervous System
If you listened to past sessions and wished you had been able to ask David a question, look for an email invite in the future and be sure to register for the next Salon.        
Links to All the Recent Herbal Salon Recordings          

Discussion of the importance of strengthening the immune system prior to the start the cold and flu season. Which herbs should be used at the first sign of an illness.  And which herbs work best when sick. Formulas discussed include Immune Adapt, Healthy Kid's Compound, Astragalus/Echinacea and VX Immune Support.     

Discussion of the importance of keeping our Muscles, Tissue and Bones healthy. Some of the Formulas discussed include OsteoHerb, Muscle Joint Tonic and Aspirea Compound. He goes into depth on several individual herbs. 

Discussion of the importance of protecting our Heart and preventing Cardiovascular disease. Some of the Formulas discussed are Hawthorn Solid Extract, Healthy Heart Compound, and Cardio Calmpound. He explains how he makes his Hawthorn Extract.    

Discussion of how diet, genetics and environmental factors affect women's health and the female reproductive system. Some of the Formulas discussed are Women's Formula, Full Moon, Reckless Blood Tonic, and Women's Calmpound.     

Discussion of how it is much easier to prevent allergies than to treat allergies. Immune Amphoterics such as Immune Adapt Capsules, Immune Adapt Liquid and Seven Precious Mushroom taken 6 weeks prior to the onset of allergy symptoms is the most effective treatment of allergies. Formulas discussed in treating allergies are Immune Balance Compound and Sinus Support Compound.     

Discussion of how Adaptogens work on the cellular level. Adaptogens stimulate stress response triggering the body to have more efficient, effective and appropriate immune response. Adaptogenic Formulas discussed are Adrenal Balance Compound, Ginseng Schisandra Compound, Seven Precious Mushrooms and Immune Adapt.  
If you have enjoyed these lectures, you will love David Winston's next 2 Year Herbal Studies Program which begins again this Fall!
Center For Herbal Studies
Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to learn about hundreds of herbs and how to use them for specific conditions from a world renowned herbalist.  For more information, visit his Center for Herbal Studies Website.
 Beth Lambert
Herbalist & Alchemist
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HA Vine No Black

Aug.6/12 - Free Webinar with Finnish herbalist (& AHG professional member) Henriette Kress

AHG banner
AHG Professional Training Webinars

Herbs and Nutrients for PMS, Menstrual Pain, Heavy Bleeding, and Infertility
A Live Webinar with Henriette Kress    

August 6, 2012, 1:00 PM EST
In this webinar Henriette will examine premenstrual syndrome, what to do about it and how to let off steam in less destructive ways. (She'll feature the story of the husband who sent his wife to an herbalist and what said herbalist learned from that!) Other topics for this talk include herbs and nutrients for menstrual cramps -- or how to avoid curling up in a cozy bed for two days every month -- heavy menstrual bleeding and what to do about it, and an approach to infertility. She will cover a lot of herbs.  
Henriette Kress Finnish herbalist Henriette Kress learned her first herbs with her German grandma when she was very young.  She continued to study herbs as a hobby.  In 1995 she launched her website -- Henriette's Herbals -- widely recognized today as one of the best sources for information about botanical medicines on the web.  In 1998 Henriette attended Michael Moore's Southwest School of Botanical Medicine and has been a practicing herbalist ever since, becoming a professional member of the AHG in 2003.  Her book Practical Herbs was published in 2011 and is available in English, Swedish, and Finnish.  Henriette can be found online at http://www.henriettesherbal.com/.

A recording of our July webinar, Herbal Support for the Urinary Tract, taught by Christa Sinadinos, is available on the AHG website at www.americanherbalistsguild.com/Webinars. The recording will be posted until July 27 at which time it will be moved to our online Archives available by log-in to all current AHG members.