Saturday, August 4, 2012

Aug.6/12 - Free Webinar with Finnish herbalist (& AHG professional member) Henriette Kress

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Herbs and Nutrients for PMS, Menstrual Pain, Heavy Bleeding, and Infertility
A Live Webinar with Henriette Kress    

August 6, 2012, 1:00 PM EST
In this webinar Henriette will examine premenstrual syndrome, what to do about it and how to let off steam in less destructive ways. (She'll feature the story of the husband who sent his wife to an herbalist and what said herbalist learned from that!) Other topics for this talk include herbs and nutrients for menstrual cramps -- or how to avoid curling up in a cozy bed for two days every month -- heavy menstrual bleeding and what to do about it, and an approach to infertility. She will cover a lot of herbs.  
Henriette Kress Finnish herbalist Henriette Kress learned her first herbs with her German grandma when she was very young.  She continued to study herbs as a hobby.  In 1995 she launched her website -- Henriette's Herbals -- widely recognized today as one of the best sources for information about botanical medicines on the web.  In 1998 Henriette attended Michael Moore's Southwest School of Botanical Medicine and has been a practicing herbalist ever since, becoming a professional member of the AHG in 2003.  Her book Practical Herbs was published in 2011 and is available in English, Swedish, and Finnish.  Henriette can be found online at

A recording of our July webinar, Herbal Support for the Urinary Tract, taught by Christa Sinadinos, is available on the AHG website at The recording will be posted until July 27 at which time it will be moved to our online Archives available by log-in to all current AHG members.  

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