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Listen to previously recorded David Winston Herbal Salons

David Winston Herbal "Salon" Recordings for Store & Practitioner Customers                    

David Winston's New Educational Herb Discussion Series has been warmly welcomed by our customers. The Webcast format allows participants to post questions for David as he is speaking about the topic. Participants found it helpful to have David give an overview on the topic while explaining in detail why certain herbs are included in each formula. Just a sampling of evaluation comments on the Salons:  
  • Please continue to do in future
  • Please offer more of these kinds of presentations!!! Thank you!
  • David has so much knowledge and very helpful to understand his formulas.
  • Please make more, very helpful to use H&A products/compound pre-made formulas more confidently
  • Thanks David!
  • It is very helpful for my practice.
  • Keep them coming!  
  • Thanks so much for taking the time to educate us.
  • Thanks David, lots of great information
  • Always helpful to have a detailed discussion on your formulas.  
Thank you! We appreciate the support of our dedicated customers and are pleased to help you be more successful by offering links to previously recorded "Herbal Salons" and our upcoming schedule.   
The 2012 David Winston Herbal Salon upcoming schedule:
September 5   Men's Health
October 3        Adrenal Support/Energy
November 7    Immune
December 5    Emotional/Nervous System
If you listened to past sessions and wished you had been able to ask David a question, look for an email invite in the future and be sure to register for the next Salon.        
Links to All the Recent Herbal Salon Recordings          

Discussion of the importance of strengthening the immune system prior to the start the cold and flu season. Which herbs should be used at the first sign of an illness.  And which herbs work best when sick. Formulas discussed include Immune Adapt, Healthy Kid's Compound, Astragalus/Echinacea and VX Immune Support.     

Discussion of the importance of keeping our Muscles, Tissue and Bones healthy. Some of the Formulas discussed include OsteoHerb, Muscle Joint Tonic and Aspirea Compound. He goes into depth on several individual herbs. 

Discussion of the importance of protecting our Heart and preventing Cardiovascular disease. Some of the Formulas discussed are Hawthorn Solid Extract, Healthy Heart Compound, and Cardio Calmpound. He explains how he makes his Hawthorn Extract.    

Discussion of how diet, genetics and environmental factors affect women's health and the female reproductive system. Some of the Formulas discussed are Women's Formula, Full Moon, Reckless Blood Tonic, and Women's Calmpound.     

Discussion of how it is much easier to prevent allergies than to treat allergies. Immune Amphoterics such as Immune Adapt Capsules, Immune Adapt Liquid and Seven Precious Mushroom taken 6 weeks prior to the onset of allergy symptoms is the most effective treatment of allergies. Formulas discussed in treating allergies are Immune Balance Compound and Sinus Support Compound.     

Discussion of how Adaptogens work on the cellular level. Adaptogens stimulate stress response triggering the body to have more efficient, effective and appropriate immune response. Adaptogenic Formulas discussed are Adrenal Balance Compound, Ginseng Schisandra Compound, Seven Precious Mushrooms and Immune Adapt.  
If you have enjoyed these lectures, you will love David Winston's next 2 Year Herbal Studies Program which begins again this Fall!
Center For Herbal Studies
Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to learn about hundreds of herbs and how to use them for specific conditions from a world renowned herbalist.  For more information, visit his Center for Herbal Studies Website.
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