Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ask Dr. Aviva: Prevent Migraines...Naturally

Ask Dr. Aviva: Prevent Migraines...Naturally
Hi Friends!

Check it out! We've created the first Ask Dr Aviva video -- and I'm excited about it.

Ok, not about my haircut, but hey, it ain't about the looks!

And wow, there's a lot to learn about bringing my heart, mind, and soul to you through a video camera! We're working on the lighting, too.

But I'm excited to bring you the information that can help you navigate your healthcare -- naturally. Information that can help you to live a more vital and empowered life. 

And information that might just cause a health revolution in this country!

This week's video is Prevent Migraines...Naturally . Migraines are miserable. The info is useful for chronic non-migraine headaches, too. There's a written article that accompanies it. And a terrific handout, too. Click here to watch and read.

Also this past week on my website I posted a recipe for one of the most delicious vegan smoothies I've ever had! Pink Prana Perfection. Make enough 'cause sure enough someone's gonna' steal yours if you don't make them their own!

Make sure to check in on Facebook today for the announcement of when the upcoming "Fireside Chat Telegathering with Aviva" will be -- it's free and it's gonna be a great time!

And remember, I LOVE hearing from you now and again -- what you want to learn more about, questions you have, or fantastic things you want to share! Find me at my website and on FB. You are not alone in your desire to thrive! So jump on in and connect with my viewers and readers!
Love always,

Upcoming Herb and Natural Health Classes from Steven Horne

In the spirit of the holidays, our gift to you this month is two
free webinars.  Plus, we've got some great classes starting in

Free Webinar:
Assessing Digestive Health Problems
Free webinar with Steven Horne and Thomas Easley 
Dec 18, 9:30 Easter, 8:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain and 5:30 Pacific time

Digestive problems are the root cause of many people's health problems
because the digestive system is the first system to take a hit from poor
nutrition. For starters, problems with the gastrointestinal (GI) tract are
usually the root cause of respiratory problems like allergies, asthma and
sinus congestion. Since 70% of the innate immune system is concentrated
in the GI tract, immune problems like yeast infections, frequent colds and
flu, autoimmune disorders and even cancer can also have their roots in
the digestive system.

The GI tract is also home of the enteric nervous system, which strongly
affects mood, which means depression, anxiety and other chronic
mood problems often have links to digestive health.  Even chronic diseases
like arthritis, diabetes and osteoporosis usually require healing the GI tract
in order to see improvement.

In this webinar, we'll show you how to assess digestive tract problems
using tools like iridology, tongue analysis and overall symptom pictures
to figure out what's going wrong with digestion.  We'll also provide a
basic overview of what's needed to correct these problems. 

This free webinar is a preview for Module Eight of our Advanced Herbal
Training program, Herbs for the Digestive System.  We'll also be doing a
special webinar on Leaky Gut Syndrome in January as a follow-up to this

Join us and learn how to improve your health by correcting your
digestive system problems.

Click the following link to register:

Free Webinar:
Trauma Recovery: A Model for Healing
Free webinar taught by Steven Horne 
January 3, 2013, 8:30 Easter, 7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain and 5:30 Pacific time

I've got some bad news and some good news.  First, the bad news.  None of us
get through life without experiencing some form of trauma.  The good news is
that we have built-in instinctive mechanisms for recovering from trauma. 
Just as the body has the innate capacity to heal a cut or repair a broken bone,
the body has the ability to recover from emotional and physical trauma.

Unfortunately, most people don't understand the natural process of recovering
from trauma and actually interfere with it.  This is why many of us carry
emotional wounds for decades, wounds which adversely affect our mental,
emotional, social and even physical health.

Fortunately, healing is possible if you know how to get your "head" out of the
way and follow the wisdom of your heart and body. 

In this free webinar, Steven Horne, RH(AHG) will explain the nature of trauma
and how to naturally recover from it.  Steven has more than 26 years in doing
emotional healing work and has helped hundreds of people heal from their
physical, emotional, sexual and endurance trauma. 

Join us and learn what you can do to help yourself and others to greater
mental, emotional, physical and social well-being.

Click the following link to register:

Practical Iridology Class  
Webinar series taught by Steven Horne 
January 10, 24, February 7, 28, March 14, 28, 2013
8:30 Easter, 7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain and 5:30 Pacific time

This six-session class will teach you the all the basics of iridology,
a highly useful health assessment tool.  Specifically, we'll be covering:
  • The correct terms to describe all the anatomical structures of the iris
  • How to use iridology charts correctly
  • The most up-to-date terms for the various markings, signs and patterns
    that appear in the iris, and what they mean
  • The various constitutional types from German iridology
  • Basic therapies to use with different iris patterns
  • The basic elements of Rayid iridology, a system of assessing
    personality issues using the iris
Most importantly, you'll be given a road map for how to look at the iris that begins
with the general and works towards the specific. You'll learn that you don't need to
pay close attention to every detail of the iris. Instead, you'll learn to group iris signs
and markings into body systems and rapidly identify what the weakest systems in
the body are likely to be. When you focus your efforts on these primary weaknesses
you are able to obtain faster and more dependable results.

Cost for this class is just $97. It's also free if you purchase our Practical Iridology
correspondence course.  Go to to register or call 800-416-2887.

Tree of Light's Associate
Program Webinars

Tree of Light has an Associate program which includes two monthly
webinars. The first webinar, the Sunshine Sharing hour, is about a monthly
health theme and the second, The Holistic Perspective, discusses healing
in a broader sense, including emotional healing, personal and business

Associates can not only download handouts for each webinar from the
member area.  They can also download the PowerPoint presentations
to modify and use in teaching their own classes. The member area includes
an extensive archive of previous webinar recordings and handouts, too.
This is a great resource if you are building an herbal consulting business
or teaching people about natural healing.

In addition to the two webinars and access to the member archives,
members obtain discounts on all Tree of Light courses, books and other
materials. Learn more about becoming an associate.

Here are the upcoming webinars for Tree of Light's Associate program:

December 19: Drink Your Way to Better Health
Don't like swallowing capsules and tablets?  This webinar will talk about
supplements you can drink, with a special focus on NSP's Solstic line.

January 8, 2013: How to Prosper During the Coming Demographic Winter
This webinar will talk about why the economy is primarily tied to the
demographics of the population than it is to what governments, banks and
big corporations do.  It will discuss why the aging baby boomer population
will cause a general downturn in most segments of the economy except one—
health care.  We'll discuss how this represents a valuable opportunity for
all of us involved in natural healing and how we can take advantage of it.

Cost for the program is just $19.95 per month.  We now offer a free one
month trial. Start or stop at any time.
Visit for more information or call 800-416-2887 to enroll.