Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ask Dr. Aviva: Prevent Migraines...Naturally

Ask Dr. Aviva: Prevent Migraines...Naturally
Hi Friends!

Check it out! We've created the first Ask Dr Aviva video -- and I'm excited about it.

Ok, not about my haircut, but hey, it ain't about the looks!

And wow, there's a lot to learn about bringing my heart, mind, and soul to you through a video camera! We're working on the lighting, too.

But I'm excited to bring you the information that can help you navigate your healthcare -- naturally. Information that can help you to live a more vital and empowered life. 

And information that might just cause a health revolution in this country!

This week's video is Prevent Migraines...Naturally . Migraines are miserable. The info is useful for chronic non-migraine headaches, too. There's a written article that accompanies it. And a terrific handout, too. Click here to watch and read.

Also this past week on my website I posted a recipe for one of the most delicious vegan smoothies I've ever had! Pink Prana Perfection. Make enough 'cause sure enough someone's gonna' steal yours if you don't make them their own!

Make sure to check in on Facebook today for the announcement of when the upcoming "Fireside Chat Telegathering with Aviva" will be -- it's free and it's gonna be a great time!

And remember, I LOVE hearing from you now and again -- what you want to learn more about, questions you have, or fantastic things you want to share! Find me at my website and on FB. You are not alone in your desire to thrive! So jump on in and connect with my viewers and readers!
Love always,

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