Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beautiful Poem

My womb is a Garden My womb is a garden. She...
Mare Cromwell8:57am Oct 22
My womb is a Garden

My womb is a garden.
She is a space of flowers and blessings
And fertile soil with lots of happiness

And I shall tend her
This sacred space with kindness
And openness to the mysteries

Of a healthy bed of blooms
And small gifts of occasional droppings
Of those who can help to fertilize

This rich rich zone of creative bursts
Of joy and bliss
And occasional sobs from sorrow

Of life passed on and somewhat
Forgotten only the tears that fall
From a sky of wonder and bright

Fortunes that lie ahead
In the opening of new seasons
New seeds and butterflies

That have been cocooned up way too long
In embryonic sleep that is
shifting into luscious life

And beautiful steps of prayer
And wonder at just how bright the sun
Is when I stop to marvel.


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