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Nan's Rock Shop - April Newsletter

Nan's Rock Shop in Nova Scotia is a spot I like to visit whenever I am in the Wilmot area.  They are very friendly and helpful and offer loads of classes and opportunities to connect with new friends!  Check out their newsletter and their web site!

Nan's Rock Shop & Spiritual Center
#13995 HWY #1. Wilmot, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
April, 2012
Sharing Truths with Carol
Past Lives
Ever since I can remember
Even as a child
I always had sooo many questions.
My Mom will tell you, as I sought her out with the hows, whens and whys.
How babies are born, where we come from, where we go when we die.
And an answer would soothe my soul for a short time
Until I came up with a new set of questions.
And really ... I am still the same way today.
I can remember researching religion (Christianity).
Then onto spiritual books ... starting with Life after Life by Raymond Moody
which was life altering to me, for here were my thoughts typed with paragraphs of knowledge to go with them.
Somewhere soon after was Embraced by the Light by Betty Eadie
writing about her near death experience.
After many more books and experiences:
Past Lives, Future Healing by Sylvia Brown,
where many of my missing pieces just clicked into place.
At the time just so made perfect sense to me, an aha moment.
Since I have experienced many glimpses of past lives.
Sometimes they open up when I am receiving Reiki.
Other times in Meditation.
Also during healing therapies with people that I have shared with over the years.
Pieces have also come up when I am receiving a psychic reading.
And I have had the privilege  to sit in on a past life regression session.
I have come to understand why:
- I was an overprotective mother
- why I have a fear/sensitivity/awareness of depression possibly leading to suicide thoughts (people around me)
- why I had a phobia of sexual abuse  scenarios when it came to my children when they were young
- why I have a fear of the destruction of fire
- why I created a spiritual center, a safe place to heal and grow for myself and to share with others
- why when I meet some people it is like I already know them
- how I can feel love for someone that I have just met.  (often a time of unfinished business of a different life)
- why I am attracted to different cultures and eras.
Because I have come to understand
That I have some sort of cellular memories of past events of a different time.
A continuation of healing, learning, or even joy felt emotion.
Most often, I have come to understand that groups of us do continue to do life visits together.
Whether it be a mother, a friend, or a passerby.
The TV show Once Upon a Time on Sunday nights
A perfect example of what I am describing.
The mysteries of cell memory.
To realize that our souls are eternal.
So often health and relationship problems have roots in unresolved past lives.
From irrational fears, unexplained illnesses, to the partners we choose.
Often birthmarks are places of injuries/wounds of past lives.
Past life regression is a form of therapy in which the subject is hypnotically regressed to a previous life.
 Typically the therapist (a trained hypnotist) discusses with the client what they wish to accomplish.
Past-life regression work is largely focused on forgiveness. In this way, the hurts of the past can be healed. It is important that the hurts are forgiven but that the lessons are retained. In this way, the hurt can be avoided in the future. Thus, the past holds the keys to unlock the future. It is important that all hurts be forgiven - those associated with others and those associated with us, as individuals. Forgiveness work is an important factor in the soul lessons from past lives.
How can a Past Life Regression help you?
  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you are and why you are here
  • Discover how the past holds the key to unlock your future
  • Heal a pattern in your present life relationships that originates in a past life
  • Rediscover past life gifts and talents and integrate them into this lifetime
  • Heal present emotional and physical problems by healing the past
  • Discover this life's lessons and purpose when communicating with your past life self
So I encourage you
To continue your life research and connect to knowledge that hold answers for you.
And if past life work interests you ...
Then know that Chris Lee is visiting us  from British Columbia
Extra information on Chris, see below.
I share with you, I receive from you, I live with you.
Gratitude for this system we call Life.
Administrator, workshops and private sessions
Carol Layton

Nan's Rock Shop & Spiritual News
1. Past Lives  In 2012, Chris Lee HT, CMH, International Clinical Hypnotherapist,
 who specializes in Past Life Therapy & Reincarnation,
 is on his coast to coast tour across Canada with his talk "Journey Into Past Lives". 
 His mantra is whether it's your past lives or your imagination, if your life improves, after a past life regression session who cares!
   During his wonderfully interesting and informative two hour talk
Chris Lee shares experiences on how past life therapy has helped many people make positive changes in their lives.

Chris Lee
2.  Paul Gregory and Carol Layton are organizing a community garden at Nan's Rock Shop.
We will be plowing up the land behind the warehouse that used to be a horse pasture.
This soil will be divided into lots for individual use.
Giving choices to grow some of your own fresh organic food.
And also the choice of trading our harvest goods at the end of the season.
Register: first come first serve, cost  $10.00. (to cover plowing fees)
For fun, sharing, being more self sufficient, and tastes good!
Check Paul Gregory website for additional information
3.  Perennial swap:  Got extra flowers, herb or shrubs?
Bring to Nan's Rock Shop and swap for something new.
Cost: bring three pots, take home two.
4.  Renting options for Holistic Practitioners or Spa-like sessions
Additional information is on our website (services available).
Warehouse also available to rent.
5.  And of course the shop: the doorway into all that we offer here.
Nan's: a place like coming home.
April Store Special: All Amethyst pieces 50%off  (excluding our large amethyst cathedral)

Carol Layton: Reiki, Reflexology, Relaxation massage, Tarot Readings
 Melia Helson:  Access Bars, Astrology, Card Readings, EFT, Reflexology
Paul Gregory:  Drumming Circles, Earth Healing Practices Elizabeth Cushing:  Reiki  www.elizabethcushing.yolasite.comNan:  Part-time in the shop

Occasional: Jo Leath:  Ear Candling, Numerology, Labyrinths
Occasional:  Felicia Dawn King:  Aromatherapy Massage
Check our slide show:
Crystal of the month: Picture Jasper
Picture jasper comes in combination shades of brown, tan, black, and ivory.
It opens up reflection by opening up hidden messages of the past.
As well as hidden thoughts, fears, phobias, leading to hope and confidence.
From troubled childhood experiences, past lives, or trapped traumas.
Adding strength and protection to face and clear through them once and for all.
The pictures found in the beautiful markings, clouds, and shadows of this stone ...
can create actual pictures that can be used to open one up to messages and cell memory.
It links one to ideas, invention, meditations, visions, and astral travel.
All that open up the mind.
It is a grounding and harmonizing stone with a strong connection to the earth.
Physically it helps stimulate the immune system, helps clear toxins, and cleanses the kidneys.
Useful when quitting smoking, as it gets to the root of the addiction.
Good stone for past life work, helping one to open up to awareness, forgiveness and clearing.
Known as the stone of reflection.
Workshops & Events
All beginners welcome and appreciated.
Let us share and grow together!
Please note: drop ins are open to all, just show up on time, no registration required.  Cost $5.00
Mar 31  Earth Hour.  Canadians are up to the challenge.  Switch off your lights  8:30pm - 9:30pm for Earth Hour.  Towards a cleaner, greener Canada.
Apr 5 Thursday Meditation  with Melia Helson.  Did you know that you are never alone?  The theme of this meditation will be calling in and connecting to angels - our own guardian angels for special times, to guide and protect us.  Time: Thursday 7-9pm.  Cost $5.00 (drop in)
Apr 6  Good Friday.  Store closed.
Apr 10  Drumming Healing Circle  with Paul Gregory.  Come out and connect to the beat of Mother Earth, who is our home and our nurturer.  She helps us to connect to our true Higher Selves through rhythm and sound.  Bring along your drum, rattle, flute or other.  Extras are also available.    Drumming is a very ancient tradition and can release stress, anger, confusion and bring in a sense of peace and relaxation.   Time: Tuesday 7-9pm.  Cost $5.00.
Apr 11  Healing with Crystals Mini Workshop with Carol Layton.  Yes, we are a Rock Shop and we do specialize in crystal therapy.  Come learn how and why crystals can settle stress, improve health and actually heal physical ailments.  Learn how to pick the crystal that is right for you, how to maximize its healing benefits, and how to incorporate crystals into your life, including a crystal layout for yourself.  I use crystals with all my Reiki sessions.  Crystals can be used alone or with other natural healing therapies for they will take you deeper into your healing session.  Time: Wednesday 7-9pm.  Cost $25.00.  (registration required).
Apr 12  Thursday Meditation  with Paul Gregory.  The theme will be connecting to the Cloud People, or the spirits of the clouds. The clouds can give us messages about our lives, and the weather as well. As clouds form,  grow, and dissipate they create interesting shapes, images, colours, and patterns, which resonate on some level individually for each of us. I have a deck of cloud divination cards we will use to receive and meditate on the messages received from the Cloud People.  Time: Thursday 7-9pm.  Cost $5.00 (drop in).
Apr 13  Friday Mini Tarot Readings 2-5pm. with Carol Layton   If you are wondering what it would be like to receive a full tarot reading with me ... here is an opportunity to get a taste of my style.  Full readings include a chakra reading, cleansing of emotional stresses, Reiki, and the Celtic cross spread of tarot (Time: 1 1/2 hours, cost $65.00)  A mini reading will be a 10 card spread, (no specifics), but will help you understand the theme of where you are going in your situation, approx 20 minutes.  Time: Friday 2-5:00pm, Cost $10.00. (registration required)

Apr. 13  Emotional Healing with The Emotion Code with Melia Helson. Did you know that much of our physical and emotional suffering is due to emotional energies that have become 'trapped' within us? Come learn about The Emotion Code – a simple and powerful method of finding and releasing these trapped energies. You will go home with a new skill and a couple of charts to help yourself and your loved ones find more health and happinessTime: 7-9pm.  Cost: $5.00.  (drop in).
Apr 15  Past Life Presentation with Chris Lee.  Special guest all the way from BC.  Over the years he has worked with people from all walks of life – medical doctors, nurses, dentists, hospitality workers, lawyers, business owners, teachers, retirees, actors, entertainers,  accountants…  During his talk he shares case histories and invites attendees to ask questions, allowing the curious and even skeptical  to find out more and come to their own decision.  "There is a lot more to it, that's why my talk lasts two hours!" Chris laughs.  "Come out to my Talk and you will see why most of the attendees book a one-on-one Past Life session for the next day".  Time: Sunday 7-9pm.  Cost $20.00. (space limited, registration required).
Apr 18   Energy Share with Monica Beaton. For beginners, casual practitioners and advanced healers alike; this evening is all about getting together to practice different methods and forms of energy healing. We discuss techniques, experiences and stories and then we get to put our love to work! Join us for an evening of practical healing and leave feeling great about what you both experienced and shared with the other members of the circle.   Time: Wednesday 7-9pm.  Cost: $5.00 (drop in)   (certified herbalist)
Apr 19  Thursday Meditation:  with Carol Layton.  Spontaneous.  We will tap into the needs of the group and meditate to receive peace and guidance.  All meditation nights come with lesson / intent, guided meditation, talking circle where we can share experiences, and inspirational card.  As we enlighten/support each other towards healing and self empowerment, with the gentle guide of meditation practices.  Beginners and experienced meditaters all welcome!  Time: Thursday 7-9pm.  Cost: $5.00 (drop in)
Apr 20  Friday Mini Reiki Sessions with Elizabeth Cushing.  Ever wondered what Reiki is and why all the excitement about it?  Now is the time for you to try it out.  Book a mini session with me for this gentle, hands on energy balancing therapy, and de-stress and relax, allowing your body an opportunity to help itself deal with pain, anxieties, negative thought patterns, etc.  Take charge, treat yourself, you deserve it!  30 min. sessions. Time: Friday 2-5pm.  Cost $20.00.  (registration required)
Apr 26   Dowsers (Pendulum) Night  with Paul Gregory.  Bring your pendulum and learn how to move negative energy and stress.  We do a lot of clearing for stress of the earth, stress in our homes, stress in our bodies.  Dowsing helps to change the frequency of the negative situation so that we can alter and more it, always to the goal of bringing in health, love and peace.  An ancient, yet simple technique.  Time Thursday 7-9pm, Cost $5.00 (drop in) 
Apr 27   Friday Mini Reiki Sessions with Carol Layton.  Have you wondered what all this talk about Reiki is?  Thinking of taking training so that you may offer this type of healing to family, friends, pets, or even clients?  Tame your curiosity ... come receive a mini session.  Includes chakra reading, placement of healing crystals and Reiki to your head.  Calm your thoughts and relax your mind. (approx 20 minutes)  Get a taste of what it would be like to receive a full Reiki session (1 1/2 hrs, $65.00)   Time: Friday 2-5pm.  Cost $15.00.  (registration required)
May 1  Beltane Ritual  with Paul Gregory.  Beltane, or May Day, is a Celtic fire, fertility, and flower festival. A time to bless the fields, ask for fertility of the soil and plants, and for abundant harvests. Dancing around the May Pole is also associated with this festival.  Time Tuesday 7-9pm, Cost $5.00 (drop in) 

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