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Permaculture workshops May 28-June 1

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The Blockhouse School
Taking soil samples

Permaculture Workshops

Some of the all-day workshops to be held during the "Implementation Week", which will follow the PDC course currently underway (which is awesome), are open to anyone, even if you haven't taken the PDC. Instructor Graham Calder.

On Wednesday, May 30, it's Food Forests. Learn about planning, preparation and planting, as well as grafting and plant propagation.

Thursday, May 31, the theme is Mushroom Cultivation. Learn different ways of growing mushrooms, including Log culture, Balcony Buckets, Straw Bags, Wood chip beds and paths. Medicinal Mushrooms will be discussed, as well as how mushrooms can be used to clean up toxins.

On Friday, June 1, you can learn about the Permaculture appropach to Home Garden Design, including Companion Planting, No-Till/Lasagna Gardens, Mandala Gardens, Self-Fertile Gardens, Natural Pest Control and Aerated Compost Tea.

See website for more details about the workshops.

Monday and Tuesday are open to anyone who has taken the Permaculture Design Certification course.

Monday, May 28, will be a chance to get insights into the Detailed Design stage, as Graham and the group refine the students' designs from the PDC for the Blockhouse property and review the final design.

And on Tuesday, May 29, Graham will get into Advanced Surveying, including Google Earth Mapping, the Tools of the Trade and Laser Level Usage.

See website for more details
Albert Marshall

Mi'kmaw Elder Albert Marshall to speak on "Two-Eyed Seeing"

We are excited to be welcoming respected Mi'kmaw Elder Albert Marshall to speak at the Blockhouse School tomorrow (Monday) night at 7 pm. 

Two-Eyed Seeing is seeing through:
- one eye with Indigenous ways of knowing, and
- the other eye with the strengths of Western science
 … and learning to use both these eyes together, for the benefit of all.

Everyone is welcome!

More info on the website.

Blogging the PDC

Heather has been blogging daily during the PDC, so if you haven't been to the website lately, check it out. As well as the blog posts, there are more and more pictures and photo essays in the Gallery.
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