Thursday, September 6, 2012

Arizona Sacred Plant Medicine Retreat 2012

Sacred Plant Medicine
Sept. 28-30, 2012

Mt. Lemmon Tucson, Arizona

Join herbalist, devotee of wildness, and shamana flora Darcey Blue and sacred nature guide, shamanic storyteller, and sacred-soul-mission activator Alyson Greene in a journey to the heart of plant spirit connection.

Imagine yourself in a deeply transformative immersion into plant spirit medicine . . .

You and a small group of fellow retreat companions, being guided through Seven Levels of Plant and Nature Awareness . . .

. . . Experiencing connection, community, solitude, rest, and replenishment

. . . Developing profound awareness skills

. . . Making new plant friends and deepening connections with familiar plant allies

. . . Bringing sacred plant medicine messages into your dreams and journeys

. . . Hearing plant blessing stories

. . . Deepening your relationships with wild nature, with plants, with your sense of purpose in relation to wild earth, and with your own sacred nature.


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