Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Winterize Your Kids Free Webinar by Aviva Romm, M.D.

From Aviva Romm...

It's that time of year when kids start sniffling and coughing more, and your doctor has probably been asking you about giving your kids the flu shot.

Many of you have been emailing me with wonderful questions about how to treat your kids naturally during cold and flu season. We've been getting ready for winter in our own home -- putting in our storm windows and buying new warm gear for our kids. This got me thinking about the idea of winterizing our kids -- getting them ready for cold and flu season.

I also noticed a lot of questions wondering when to see a doctor, as well as if you should get the flu vaccine for your kiddos.

So I decided to do a FREE WEBINAR. It's THIS WEEK and it's called
"Winterize Your Kids! Optimizing Health with Herbs, Diet and Common Sense."  :)

It'll be about 90 minutes long, and cover many common sense ways to bolster your kids' immunity and treat cold and flu symptoms...naturally!

You can read about it and register here...


I sure hope you'll join me.


PO Box 216, Monterey, MA 01245

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