Sunday, February 10, 2013

Aviva Romm: Getting Comfy With Your Sexual Health

Getting Comfy With Your Sexual Health
This month, in honor of V-Day, I am launching sexual health month. This week's blog is a meditation on sexual health. You can read it here.

Forthcoming blogs will include:

Do You Have Low Libido?
7 Foods to Spark Your Sex Drive
Is There Sex After Baby?
Aphrodisiacs for Health and Pleasure
Maca Dark Chocolate Truffles
Choosing the Birth Control That's Right for YOU
Hot Sex After Menopause: Yes You Can!
How often should you be having sex?
Safe Sex: What We All Need to Know About It

Ok, it may take more than a month to write all of these but I am on my way. And don't worry, my website is not becoming a sex ed site! You're still gonna' get all the great stuff on natural parenting and pediatrics, pregnancy and birth, a little bit of empowering philosophy here and there, and tons more on women's health. And oh yes, delicious recipes and herbal medicine tips!

I always love to hear from you on what you want to hear more from me about! So please be in touch and let me know what YOUR most pressing concerns are.

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