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David Winston Herbal Salons

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Thanks to our Customers for your enthusiastic support of David Winston's Educational Herb Webcast Discussion Series! In each, David gives an overview on the topic while explaining in detail why he uses certain herbs in his formulas. Participants post questions for David as he is speaking. We are pleased to offer free links to previously recorded "Herbal Salons".  
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The holiday season can be both a happy and stressful time.  David discusses the importance of distinguishing between what is considered normal stress and anxiety and when stress and anxiety start to impact emotional health.  Sleep can be affected when suffering from depression or anxiety.  In winter, our bodies want to follow the natural cycle of shorter days and longer nights but modern society does not allow it.  Sleep is foundational and it is recommended that most people need at least 8 hours of sleep.  Formulas discussed include Emotional Relief™ Tension Relief™, Grief Relief™, Gentle-Man™, Serenity Compound™, Phytocalm™ and Kids Calmpound Glycerite™.  Single Herbs discussed include Wood Betony, Wild Lettuce, and Kava.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the lungs are call the "tender organ".  It is the organ most affected by heat, cold, dampness, dryness & wind.  As we enter into cold and influenza season, there is an increase of respiratory problems.  David discusses the importance of choosing the right energetic lung formula - vital in keeping the condition from worsening.  David discusses how each of his lung formulas are used for different lung patterns.   Formulas discussed include Lung Relief™ Antispasmodic, Cold/Dry, Cold/Damp, Hot/Dry, and Hot/Damp.  Respiratory Calmpound™ and J.Kloss Anti-Spasmodic Compound are also discussed as well as the single herbs Houttuynia, Propolis and Usnea.

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David focuses on common childhood complaints and ailments, many of which relate to their immature and developing immune systems.  The foundations of children's health are diet, sleep, exercise, and environmental factors.  David's focal point of any remedy for a child is to keep it very mild, safe, have no significant toxicity, and taste good.  Most children cannot easily swallow pills, so the use of liquid herbal remedies, herbal teas, and the addition of solid herbal extracts can play a great roll in maintaining health.  David discusses the herbs contained in his Children's formulas: Healthy Kid's CompoundTM, Kid's Tummy ReliefTM, Kid's Calmpound GlyceriteTM, Compound Mullein OilTM, Focus FormulaTM, and Hawthorn Solid ExtractTM.  Additional single herbs discussed include Peppermint, Goldenseal Glycerite, Valerian Glycerite, Linden, Fennel and Elderflower.    

Maintaining an active lifestyle is key to healthy aging.  Emotional and mental stimulation, a good diet and adequate exercise are all necessary for enabling good health as we age.  David Winston discusses age related topics including Arthritis, Hypertension, Osteoporosis, and Impaired Digestion.  Included in the discussion are his formulas Muscle/Joint TonicTM, Aspirea CompoundTM, Burdock/Red Root CompoundTM, Cardio CalmpoundTM, Hawthorn Solid ExtractTM, OsteoHerbTM, Herb-CalTM, Bitter's CompoundTM, Carminative CompoundTM and Gingko/Horse Chestnut CompoundTM.  Single herbs discussed include Devil's Club, Ashwaghanda, Black Cohosh, Black Haw, Dandelion leaf, Chrysanthemum, Sichuan Teasel, and processed Rehmannia.   

There is a long history of using specific herbs for treating eye conditions and diseases.  Our population suffers from various age related and inflammatory related eye conditions.  Herbs and nutritional supplements can be very important for maintaining eye health.  David goes into detail the use of each herb in the formula Insight CompoundTM as well as the benefits of Blueberry Solid ExtactTM, Elderberry Solid ExtractTM, Cranberry Blueberry Solid ExtractTM and Lycium fruit.  Single herbs discussed include Amla, Eclipta, Tienchi Ginseng, Yellow Sweetclover, Self Heal, and Ligustrum Berry.  Circulation is also a vital part of eye health.  Ginkgo Horse ChestnutTM as well as the single herbs Cayenne, Lesser Periwinkle and Prickly Ash are discussed.                    

Age brings musculoskeletal issues such as reduced circulation, arthritis, chronic knee pain or bulging discs. David discusses how hormesis (combination of herbs targeting many different receptors, tissues and enzymes) may benefit these conditions. Formulas discussed include Fitness FormulaTM, Muscle/Joint TonicTM, J. Kloss Anti-Spasmodic Compound, and Aspirea CompoundTM. Herbs can have an effect on both internal bone structure and external skin health, for example enhancing bone health by using the mineral rich OsteoHerbTM and Herb-CalTM may also have an adjunct benefit for healthy skin. David also has a wide ranging discussion on Healthy Skin TonicTM as well as the single herbs Amla, Kudzu, Cramp Bark, Yellow Sweetclover, Black Haw, Mullein root, Roman Chamomile, and Feverfew.                   

June is Men's Health Month. David discusses how diet and herbs can alter testosterone levels, sperm count and the epigenomics as men age. Herbs contained in the formulas Men's FormulaTM, Men's Prostate TonicTM, and Gentle-ManTM are reviewed. Also discussed are the specific properties of Cleavers, Pipsissewa, Mullein Root, American Ginseng, Cordyceps, He Shou Wu, Rhodiola, and Sichuan Teasel.                  

May is Women's Health Month. David discusses the herbal formulas used as a women moves through the premenstrual to post menopausal phases in her life. Learn how the complex personalities of herbs are combined into different formulas for each phase. Compound formulas reviewed include Women's CalmpoundTM, Women's FormulaTM, Women's Transition CompoundTM, Full Moon - Women's Anti-Spasmodic CompoundTM, Uterine TonicTM, Replenish CompoundTM and Reckless Blood TonicTM. In addition to the herbs contained in the formulas, he discusses the specific properties of False Unicorn, Lady's Mantle, Partridge berry, White Ash bark, and Damiana.                

Seasonal Allergies can be managed by keeping the inflammatory index low enough not to have symptoms. Immune Amphoterics, Immunoregulators, and Antiinflammatory/ Antioxidant herbal supplements should be started before the allergy season even begins. David discusses how prevention is better than treatment, and what to do if treatment is needed. Compounds discussed include Sinus SupportTM, Respiratory CompoundTM, Seven Precious MushroomsTM, Immune AdaptTM and Immune BalanceTM. Useful for Eye and Nasal Allergy symptoms are Blueberry Solid Extract, Elderberry Solid Extract and Pomegrante-Goji Solid Extract. Single herbs and their specific qualities discussed include Chinese Salvia (Dan Shen), Gotu Kola, Sarsaparilla, and Amla.                

March is National National Kidney Month and David Winston discusses the use of herbs to nourish the Kidney, enhance diuresis, and prevent Urinary Tract Infections. David goes into detail discussing Kidney ReliefTM, Kidney SupportTM, and UT CompoundTM as well as the excellent antiinflammatory qualities of Cranberry Blueberry Solid Extract. Single herbs and their specific qualities discussed include Dandelion leaf, Juniper Berry, Marshmallow, Kava, Lobelia, Horsetail, Stinging Nettle leaf, Khella, Yellow Root, and Bergamot.               

February is Heart Health Month. David Winston discusses the use of herbs to strengthen and nourish the heart and cardiovascular system. The Heart is more than just a pump but also stores Shen and consciousness. The heart has significant Endocrine function and has receptors for every hormone and neuropeptide in the body. Some of formulas David goes into detail in discussing are Healthy Heart CompoundTM, Cardio CalmpoundTM, and Ginkgo/Horse ChestnutTM as well as the wonderful strengthening and nourishing qualities of Hawthorn Solid Extract. Single herbs discussed include Dong Quai and Corydalis yanhusuo.              

Herbs can improve, tonify and nourish the major eliminatory organs--the Liver, the Kidney, the Lungs, the Lymph, the Skin, or the Bowel--resulting in their performing their roles more effectively. David discusses his Cleansing Protocol that gently enhances the function of all eliminatory organs without weakening or damaging the body. The Cleansing Protocol includes his formulas: GentlelaxTM, Burdock/Red Root CompoundTM, ThistlesTM, and Healthy Skin TonicTM. David also discusses how to maintain a well functioning digestive system as the path to maintaining healthy weight balance.  He explains in detail his choice of herbs in Bitters CompoundTM, Carminative CompoundTM, Kid's Tummy ReliefTM and Intestinal CalmpoundTM, as well as the single herbs Artichoke and Marshmallow.             
If you have enjoyed these lectures, you will love David Winston's next 2 Year Herbal Studies Program. Next class begins in 2014!
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