Friday, May 4, 2012

Find Your Horsetail Patch Now!

Family: N.O. Equisetaceae
Synonyms: Shave-grass. Bottle-brush. Paddock-pipes. Dutch Rushes. Pewterwort.

Horsetail is an ancient little plant that is both diuretic (helps eliminate fluid) and astringent (helps tone tissue).  Horsetail is sprouting all over my yard and is now starting to turn green! It is best to harvest for making tea when it is a young green plant.  As it matures, its silica content rises making it better for external uses.  Now is a good time to look for a patch of it for your future harvest.

Here's what it looks early in its life
This is the early green plant
This is the mature green plant

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-- Original posting: April 25, 2010

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SeaMaiden said...

I thought that was what it was called! Thanks! Weird little plant. Looks prehistoric!

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