Thursday, June 30, 2011

Excellent Herb Knowledge Site

I'm still reeling from an amazing extended weekend at Wheaton College in Massachusetts for the 10th Annual International Herb Symposium!  My brain is overflowing!

As I visit the web sites of some of the amazing instructors, I thought I would share any that seem particularly good with you.  The first one I am browsing is Guido Mase's site called Grian Herbs.

I attended Guido's very technical workshop on Polyphenolics (i.e. how tannins work) and was blown away by his wealth of herbal knowledge at the molecular level!  He did a superb job of explaining the complex topic in a manner that made sense (even to someone like me who has a very limited chemistry background).

Anyway, Grian Herbs provides a wealth of high-quality herbal knowledge including various Workshop and Class Handouts, an Herbal Database, An Introduction to Herbal Protocols, Medicine Making recipes and so much more.  It's certainly worth a visit!!!  Guido also maintains his blog called A Radicle - be sure to check it out too!

Thank you, Guido for a wonderful workshop!

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