Thursday, January 10, 2013

FYI: Webinar Series: Herbs for the Digestive System

A note from Steven Horne:

I've been reviewing the material Thomas Easley
has put together for next Tuesday's webinar on
Leaky Gut and Small Intestinal Bacterial 
Overgrowth (SIBO).

It is absolutely outstanding—probably one of the 
most important classes we've ever put together.

If you have any kind of chronic health problems 
or work with people with any kind of chronic 
health problems, this webinar will provide you 
with critical information as to what may be the
root cause of these problems.  

I've long realized that gut health was essential 
to overall good health, but this webinar really
spells out why gut health issues cause so many
other health problems AND what to do to fix it.

We've extended the deadline to register at the 
price of just $20 until Friday to give more people
an opportunity to participate.  I guarantee it will
be $20 well spent.  Remember, if you can't attend
the live webinar, you can still register and you'll
be able to get the recording (as well as some 
incredible handouts and notes).  

Register today by going to:  

You can also call us at 800-416-2887.  

Also, if you register for Module 9 of our Advanced
Herbal Training Program (Herbs for the Digestive
System), you can attend this webinar for free.  This
module of our Advanced Herbal Training program

If you have any questions or problems
with the class, please feel free to contact
our office.  If you have problems downloading
handouts or webinar recordings, we will do
our best to help you.  Our number is

Thank you,

Steven Horne

Kether-One, Inc. dba The School of Modern Herbal Medicine
P.O. Box 911239, St. George, UT 84791

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